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We've asked hundreds of school leaders what their biggest challenges are and what they tell us is: their challenges rarely have much to do with students.
Instead we hear:
"How can I look after the wellbeing of myself and my staff?"
"How can I build the capacity of my staff?"
"How do I get my staff to buy into all these changes?"
"How do I find the time to be a leader when there's all this admin to do?”
We hear you. So we've put together the Habits of Leadership [Online] for schools who cannot attend our face-to-face workshops.
Through a series of self-paced interactive online modules you’ll explore how emotional intelligence and psychological safety can enhance your Habits of Leadership. You’ll also learn to lead change and enhance team dynamics in order to create a school environment where you and your staff can thrive.
Each Module contains:
  • Short videos exploring the theory behind each module
  • Selected professional readings
  • Reflection Activities
  • Practical tools and strategies to implement with your team
  • Q&A/Blogging Forum
  • Regular Podcasts from the Cut Through Team addressing your questions & comments
The modules are self-paced and designed so you can explore as much or as little of each area as you like. As a minimum, expect to devote ≈ 1hr every two weeks to this*

Module I commences the week beginning Monday 12th August 2019

Module II commences the week beginning Monday 9th September 2019

Module III commences the week beginning Monday 21st October 2019

Module I commences the week beginning Monday 25th November 2019

* NSW teachers can accrue 6hrs of NESA accredited professional learning at LEAD Level by completing selected compulsory reflection activities.

The Modules

Module I. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage our own emotions, and those of the people around us. By understanding Emotional Intelligence we can develop the Habits of Leadership required to show up as our best self day in, day out.

Module II. Leading (Successful Teams)

Research suggests that our team’s success has less to do with the competence of each of the team members and more to do with the relationships within the team. This module explores the Habits of Leadership required to enhance team dynamics.

Module III. Leading Change

This module builds on our learning around Emotional Intelligence and Leading teams to explore what Habits of Leadership are required to best lead change initiatives that empower our staff so that change is done with them, rather than to them.

Module IV. Leaders as Coaches

This module will explore ways in which we can utilise coaching, within the context of Modules I-III, in order to enhance the effectiveness of our teams and reduce the amount of time we spend doing other people’s work.

Individual: 495 AUD (+GST for Australian Schools)
Teams of 2-4: 445 AUD per participant (+GST for Australian Schools)
Teams of 5-10: 425 AUD per participant (+GST for Australian Schools)
Teams of 10+: 395 AUD per participant (+GST for Australian Schools)
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