Corporate Organisations

At Cut Through Coaching & Consulting, we work with organisations to help leaders and their teams to thrive.
We work with individuals, small teams or your whole community to develop coaching programs tailored to your specific needs.
Some of the ways we can work with you include:
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • 360 Feedback Tools
  • Team Coaching
  • Facilitation of off-sites or leadership retreats
The Habits of Leadership we specialise in are:

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage our own emotions, and those of the people around us. By understanding Emotional Intelligence we can develop the Habits of Leadership required to show up as our best self day in, day out.

Leading (Successful Teams)

Research suggests that our team’s success has less to do with the competence of each of the team members and more to do with the relationships within the team. We’ll help you explore the Habits of Leadership required to enhance team dynamics.

Leading Change

This builds on our learning around Emotional Intelligence and Leading Teams to explore what Habits of Leadership are required to best lead change initiatives that empower our staff so that change is done with them, rather than to them.

Leaders as Coaches

This explores ways in which we can utilise coaching, within the context of a leader’s day-to-day work, in order to enhance the effectiveness of our teams and reduce the amount of time we spend doing other people’s work.

Contact us to tee up a time to discuss how we can help your leaders and their teams to thrive.